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Root canal treatment is the cleaning, disinfection and filling of infected nerves in the canals of the tooth as a result of cracks and fractures in the teeth, caries in the tooth, wrong treatment processes, damage to the nerves and vessels in the tooth as a result of incorrect restorations.

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. Bacteria combine with many of the foods we eat and cause acids to form in our mouths. If we do not pay attention to our oral hygiene, these acids damage our teeth and cause cavities on the upper layer of the teeth (enamel). If the cavities in the upper layers of the tooth are not treated, these cavities pass into the lower layer (dentin) of the tooth.

If the caries is not treated again, this time microorganisms cause inflammation by destroying the pulp layer and the vessels and nerves in it. As a result of any impact (trauma) to the tooth, it can cause the tooth nerves to rupture and damage, thus causing inflammation. The treatment of these types of diseases in the tooth can only be done by applying root canal treatment.

  • Hot and cold sensitivity in the teeth,
  • Pain without any warning, especially at night,
  • Pain while eating,
  • Color change in the tooth as a result of the death of the nerves,
  • Swelling on the face as a result of abscess formation,
  • In some cases, it is understood that treatment is required in dental and radiological examinations performed without any symptoms.

The patient does not feel any pain as anesthesia will be performed during root canal treatment.

Depending on the condition of the tooth, root canal treatment can be done in one or two sessions. For an infected tooth, several sessions may be required to ensure that the infection is completely eliminated. An uncomplicated root canal treatment is usually completed in a single session.

Root canal filling is the process of cleaning and filling the root canal. The filling process is the restoration of the crown part of the tooth that visible in the mouth with composite filling, inlay, onlay or crown according to the amount of damage.

If the nerve tissue that is not cleaned properly during the treatment, if the root canal filling and the upper filling are not done adequately, then microorganism infiltrate into the canal, and the root canal treatment fails. Unsuccessful root canal treatment is renewed and the treatment is repeated.

The success rate of root canal treatments performed under sterile conditions is between 90-95%.