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The neatly arranged white teeth that we have seen in artists and actors in recent years are actually the work of aesthetic dentists. Treatment methods for teeth that turn yellow over time or discolor due to neglect have gained popularity today and have been demanded by people who idolize famous names. The E-Max method, which stands out in aesthetic veneers, is mostly applied to the anterior incisors. E-Max is not applied to the teeth that have lost their health, but to the teeth that are not aesthetic and make the person very uncomfortable. Aesthetic veneer E-Max is not applied to the back teeth, because it is not very durable. Treatment methods such as implant and zirconium, which are more permanent and robust, are preferred for tooth loss or caries in the posterior region.

E-Max (Full Porcelain) veneers are the most aesthetically advanced veneers with reinforced porcelain in the infrastructure or made entirely of reinforced porcelain as blocks. In this type of veneers, there is no metal substructure or zirconium substructure as in other veneers. Laboratory stages are carried out entirely with computer-aided special scanner and printer systems (CAD-Cam). Therefore, they are technically very sensitive applications.

It is preferred especially in anterior group teeth where aesthetics is very important, in single tooth veneers or in short bridge applications where there is rarely one or two missing teeth, and in teeth with too much material loss that lamina cannot be made, due to its aesthetic superiority over alternative materials.

  • It gives the closest aesthetic to the natural tooth because of its very good light transmittance.
  • It does not form gray or purple discoloration at the gingival level.
  • Compared to zirconium or metal-based veeners, less abrasion is made on the tooth.
  • There won’t be any allergic reaction.
  • Hot-cold conductivity is very low.

  • Since it has a fragile structure, it is not preferred for posterior grinding teeth.
  • It is more costly compared to other veneers.

  • In the use of antibiotics, fluorine and age-related discoloration,
  • In teeth with root canal treatment that cannot be achieved with whitening,
  • In teeth with congenital tissue and deformity,
  • In teeth with position disorder,
  • In gapped teeth,
  • In physically and chemically worn teeth over time,
  • Empress can be performed in multiple restoration requirements and smile design.

E-Max veneer application is completed in 2-3 sessions, that is, in 1 week or 10 days. Therefore, you can have a brand new smile in a very short time.

Another issue to be considered in color problems in teeth is the skin color of the person. Skin color is very effective in determining the color of the application to be made. In individuals with dark skin tones, very light-colored teeth will detract from the naturalness of the image. In individuals with light skin color, these teeth will look much more natural and aesthetic.