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Missing teeth in children can be cute, but this only applies to children. Missing teeth in adults can cause many health problems as well as aesthetic concerns. Dental implant applications are the best method to replace lost teeth. After our implant applications, you can take our implant certificates given to you and checked their security worldwide.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots produced with very special techniques. Implants produced from titanium material, which is biologically compatible with the human jawbone, are in the form of screws.

First, X-rays are taken with our 3D digital tomography device in our clinic for our patient to be implanted. The most suitable implants are placed in the digital environment in the areas to be implanted and a professional implant planning is made. Local anesthesia is applied to the areas to be implanted in the examination environment and the implants are placed within 15-20 minutes. There is a waiting period of 2.5 – 4 months for titanium implants to combine with the jawbone. After the waiting period, metal porcelain, zirconium or E-Max teeth are placed on the implant. Therefore, the implant treatment is completed and our patient obtains the desired results.

No, it is painless as only the area where the dental implant will be made is numbed under local anesthesia. In terms of difficulty, each patient has a different anatomy and metabolism. Implant treatment and planning for each patient may be different, and bone structure and amounts may vary.

  • Implant treatment is a much more robust and reliable method compared to other methods.
  • Since it is applied alone without any support from any tooth, it does not harm other teeth.
  • Since it has a natural tooth appearance, it does not cause any deterioration in the person’s mouth and tooth structure.
  • Since it can fully fulfill the chewing function, it allows people to eat whatever they want.
  • The fact that people have full and aesthetically beautiful teeth also increases their self-confidence.
  • Compared to the duration of use of other treatment methods, the life of the teeth made with implant treatment is very long.
  • Teeth are easy to clean after treatment. Since it is no different from other teeth, the same methods can be used when cleaning teeth made with implant treatment.
  • It allows you to spend your daily life comfortably without having to restrict your behavior during your daily activities such as speaking and laughing.

  • • The biggest disadvantage is the complications that may arise as a result of incorrect and inadequate applications. Infections can result in the loss of both the implant and surrounding healthy bone tissue.
    • Failure to make the right planning can create aesthetic problems even after successful surgical procedures.
    • Implants are more costly than bridge prostheses, but their cost has decreased to reasonable levels compared to a few years ago.
    • After the implant is placed, the patient should pay extra attention to oral and dental health, they shouldn’t smoke or minimize smoking until the implant fuses with the bone.
    • After the surgical application, some pain, swelling and bruising may occur in some difficult cases. However, they are all problems that will pass with time.

  • • In single tooth deficiencies
    • In multiple teeth deficiencies
    • In case of complete edentulism
    • In order to ensure the stability of removable dentures in complete edentulism
    • In patients who do not want to use removable prosthesis

Implants can be applied to all individuals who have completed their jawbone development. In other words, anyone who has completed the age of 16-17 in girls and 18 in boys can have dental implants. There is no upper age limit for adults. Dental implants can be applied to anyone who has suitable health conditions for implant treatment.

Today, implants, which are seen as the best alternative to natural teeth, are applied all over the world with a success rate of 98%. Titanium, which is highly biocompatible with the human body, is used in the manufacture of implants with artificial tooth roots. Titanium, which does not pose any allergy risk, and it is a non-toxic precious metal.

Yes, you can. However, you should not be smoked 1-2 days before the implant surgery and for the first 48 hours after the procedure. If possible, non-smoking should be increased to 1 week after surgical intervention. Since it affects the healing of tissues very negatively, it is necessary to stay away from smoking until the tissues heal.

If diabetes is under the control of the patient’s doctor and the patient takes his medications regularly, it means that the blood sugar level is kept within certain limits. If these rules are observed and in line with certain analyzes, there is no harm in diabetic patients having implant treatment.

After the implant is applied, the fusion period with the bone takes approximately 2.5-4 months. After this recovery period, the implant prosthesis on begins and it completed within 2-3 weeks.

Therefore, our patient regains his health and has the smile he dreams of.


The life of a dental implant is like natural teeth. As long as normal oral and dental care is done well, it is used for many years.

It is very important to pay attention to oral hygiene after implant treatment. Apart from routine tooth brushing, cleaning of the implanted area should be ensured by using special threads, interface brushes and mouthwashes recommended by the physician. Another important point is to go to check-ups regularly. The recommended control process is to go to the controls in every 6 months for the first two years and then annually. The most accurate guidance will be made by your doctor.

Compared to fees for other treatments, implant treatment is more expensive due to the material used. The number of implants to be made and the type of prosthetic treatment also affect this fee. However, because it increases the quality of life and provides longer-term solutions for patients, it makes implant treatment indispensable for patients and physicians today.