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Snoring, for any reason, greatly prevents the productive passage of sleep. Your body cannot completely rest during sleep; it can cause troubles such as attention deficit disorder, weakness, focusing problems on the following day. Averagely, 45 in every 100 people have snoring problems. Snoring has various causes. Snoring can occur due to reasons such as weight that makes no harm and sleep position.

While we are asleep, turbulent airflow can cause the tissues of the palate (roof of the mouth) and throat to vibrate, giving rise to snoring. Essentially, snoring is a sound resulting from soft tissue under the influence of vibration.

  • Over- weight
  • Very frequent use of alcohol and cigarette
  • Extreme stress
  • The use of sedatives and muscle relaxants

Anti-snoring devices oriented on your lower and upper teeth can help eliminate snoring. This method is both effective and cost-efficient than other methods (surgery, CPAP Mask). It doesn’t require any surgical procedure, and also it is possible to move it easily wherever you go.

The snoring prosthesis, which is used during sleep at night and fits on the teeth, opens the pale path by giving the lower jaw a forward and down position restores the sagged tissues to their former tension. Thereby, it prevents snoring and sleep apnea. Earlier detection of disease is important to reduce the duration of treatment.

  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Reduces snoring and sleep apnea from the moment that you start to use it (often stops snoring and sleep apnea by the first night). The main effects are observed within 3-4 weeks.
  • Fits in a small prosthetic container and can easily carried anywhere.
  • Does not require surgical intervention.
  • Cheaper than other treatment methods.
  • It is mentioned in many scientific studies that it has a therapeutic effect.