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Everyone wants a healthy and aesthetic teeth. Dental crystal also knwon as tooth jewels, in recent years, it has been the most preferred aesthetic dentistry practice for those who want to give aesthetics and sparkle to the appearance of teeth. Particularly in terms of making a difference in laughter it has become the indispensable accessory of celebrities.

Dental crystal is a crystal or diamond stone that is attached to the surface of tooth with special adhesives. These are the accessories attached to the teeth.

It is attached to the surface of tooth that you request with special adhesives by your dentist without abrasion.

Dental Crystal, which is part of aesthetic and cosmetic field of Dentistry, can be easily applied to all ages and used for desired teeth.

Attached to totth surface, it has a possibility of falling off due to pressure of excessive biting motions, but tooth gem’s falling of dores no harm to your teeth. If it falls off , it will be attached over again.

Tooth crystal can be removed in any time you want. Your tooth regains its original look after it is polished.

Dental Crystal, that doesn’t require any special care ,daily oral care should be enough, due to the fact that it is attached only to tooth surface, it doesnt make harm to tooth.

There are tooth crystals which you can attach on your own on the market. But the components of the adhesives are not the same as those of your dentist. In this case, it is possible that adhesive cause plaque accumulation and discoloration.