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The appearance of the teeth is one of the most striking elements in facial aesthetics. A healthy and beautiful tooth structure and a glamorous smile as a result of these increases self-confidence and positively affects social communication.

Well-groomed and healthy-looking teeth also positively affect other people’s impressions of the person. Studies have shown that 7% of people avoid laughing just to avoid showing their teeth. No matter how healthy your teeth are and how beautiful your smile is, this will not make you happy unless your tooth color is white enough.

Change your smile with Dentaristo, because your smile tells you.

With the effect of our daily eating habits (cigarettes, tea, coffee and colorant good such as wine) and aging, yellowing and staining of our teeth occur.

The best treatment method to remove such stains from your teeth and restore the healthy color of our yellowing teeth is teeth bleaching treatment under the supervision of a dentist in clinical conditions.

Teeth bleaching is the process of lightening the color of the teeth under laser beams using chemical substances. As a result of this procedure, which is performed between 30-60 minutes under the supervision of a dentist under clinical conditions, your tooth color can lighten up to four or five shades.

Let your teeth be white in professional hands.

It is applied to discolored teeth after root canal treatment. The filling in the tooth is removed. Whitening gel is applied to the opened cavity. The tooth is then tightly closed with a temporary filling. The sessions are repeated until the desired color is achieved.

Bleaching performed under the control of a dentist has no harm to the teeth. Otherwise, we would not do this practice both to ourselves and to our loved ones.